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You've traveled far through the land to get to this place. The forest it was located in was nice, safe and quiet. That was really surprising, especially if you consider for a while that all the locals warned you against trying to explore this tower. Apparently nobody ever returned from it, so this seems like an appropriate challenge for an adventurer like you!

Tower of Volandarr is an action RPG, with the likes of Legend of Zelda (or more recently, Binding of Isaac). It has elements of a roguelike - like permadeath or quite an amount of randomness - but no random dungeon generation.

This is an improved version of my other game, Elevator of Doom - I've decided to leave the old version alone, as it's an entry for the game jam, and work on improving it with a new name (and not limited to having only one room in the game).

The basic premise of the game is still the same as in the prototype version - you, the bravest adventurer of them all, enter a mysterious tower in the woods, and the doors lock behind you. Your only option is to explore the tower and try to get out of it... preferably alive.

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